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Posted about 2 months ago by Gilles Bignens

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Gilles Bignens

I would like to have an option to make a Text question non-editable when it returns a value from a previous question.

Example: first question of LDAP type, 2nd question of text type returns the UPN value of the user selected in question one. The text of question 2 must not be able to be modified.

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Gilles Bignens posted about 2 months ago

Just one precision, because my request was not clear on that. I would like an additional possibility and not a replacement. So sometimes I need that the text field is read-only and sometime the user must be able to change it. I would like to have the choice when a configure the text question.
It's the same for the Powershell question in fact. Is it possible to have the possibility to choose if the field should be read-only or editable ? Now I can see that the field is read-only. Thanks.

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Michael Seidl posted about 2 months ago Admin

Understand the Request, should be an easy one for us.

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