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Posted about 1 month ago by Christopher

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In version 5.0.194 or 5.0.256

When you use SQL Question type and add your credentials, when you save it, the password in "encrypted". When you edit again the services, the password is show as encrypted like :

It's impossible to save the service again if you update any other questions. 

I have a service with 10-15 sql questions and it's a problem if i need to edit again each sql question when i need to do an update.

Can you check that ? Thanks

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Christopher posted about 1 month ago


Thanks for the following. 

If i can suggest something to handle this easily : it will be easier if we can have a global config for our sql connections ( multiple if possible ) and just select them in our services :

- 1 point to create and edit for all services. No need to go to each services and update it.

- Select the config into the questions and put the sql query only.


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Michael Seidl posted about 1 month ago Admin

We are putting that on the list for 5.0.4 with many other SQL Question Type Bugs.

Bug ID: 967


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