How to use Background text in Questions

Modified on Mon, 22 Jan 2024 at 12:15 PM

In au2mator Self-Service Portal, you can use Background to assist your Users in entering the correct Values. But those values are not only static; they can be dynamic based on previous questions or selected users.


Question Types

We currently only support Text and Multi-Line Text Question Types configured with Background Text.

Show only or Editable.

You can choose two styles of how the Background text should be shown to your users.

Show only

Here the text will show a light grey text in the Question Box. After Typing a letter, the text will disappear.


Here, the text will show as a prefilled Value without disappearing when the user changes a Value.

Static or Dynamic

This will show a static Text you configure as an Admin or a Value from a previous Question or selected User.


This is a simple one. Just go ahead and enter the text you want to appear in the Service Configuration.


This is a more advanced way to show Background Text. You can then decide from what instance you would like to present a Value as Background Text.

From selected User

Here you can show Values from the "Target User" of the Service. In the "Value to use" section, simply enter the "LDAP Attribute" you want to show.

For example, enter "Company" to show the Company Value of the Selected User as Background Text.

See our Difference between TargetUser and InitiatedBy for more Details

From a Question's Answer

Here you can select a previous Question. Those Questions can be SQL or LDAP Question Types.

In the "Value to use" simply enter the "LDAP Attribute" or the SQL Column Name you want to see as Background Text

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