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.Here, we will walk you through the Steps to get a working au2mator Self-Service Portal.



Source Files

There are two ways to get the au2mator Self-Service Portal bits.

  • Customer can access their Customer Space and Download the latest Release there.
  • On Download - au2mator - Self-Service Portal, you can download our Community Release for free.

See our How to access au2mator Customer Area for more Details


Please be sure to take note of our Prerequisites before starting with the Installation.

See our Prerequisites for more Details


Now everything is prepared, we can start with the setup.

  1. Extract the Downloaded ZIP and run the setup as a local Admin
  2. Setup will check already installed .Net Hosting Bundles and remove them (Reboot may be needed)
  3. Enter the Path you want au2mator Self-Service Portal to be stored
  4. Enter the Service Account Details you prepared.
  5. Click Install and wait for the setup to be finished
  6. Reboot
  7. run a Browser and open HTTP://localhost
  8. Enter the SQL Server Details and click NEXT
    1. You can switch to the Advanced Tab to enter the Connection String by yourself
  9. Select the au2mator Admin Group and click NEXT
  10. After the setup, you can reopen HTTP://localhost, and you should see the au2mator Self-Service Portal.

See our How to configure au2mator Self-Service Portal after Setup for the next Steps


We will take care of the Update, so enter all Information in the setup, and we will do the rest.

The Update will not change anything in the “License,” “Log,” or “Custom Space” Folder.

And, of course, please test before doing this in Production.

Backup the following Things

  • au2matorDB
  • Inetpub directory where au2mator is installed

Special Upgrade Notes

You will find it here if there are particular Tasks to be done for a Release.

au2mator – Self-Service Portal 4.9.602

Please Check your Date/Time Question Types, as we changed the output format to AM/PM, 24-hour format.

Check your SQL Questions, as we are not adding ” ‘ ” automatically anymore.

au2mator – Self-Service Portal 4.4.612

    Since 4.4, we have used .Net 5.x, so you can uninstall the .Net Core 3.x Hosting Bundle.

au2mator – Self-Service Portal 4.2.265

    Reconfigure your Hybrid Worker Groups if used.

au2mator – Self-Service Portal 4.1.019

Please go through your Services and check all Date/Time Questions

Please go through your Services and check all True/False Questions

Please go through your Services and check all Options Questions

As we changed the Azure Automation implementation, you need to configure Azure Automation Integration from new – Use Azure Automation with au2mator – au2mator – Self-Service Portal

Upgrade Path

See a list of Upgrade Path and supported Version.

<= 3.9.2254.*

.Net Version



  • Make Sure the SQL Server has enabled TCP/IP Protocol Connection
    • Open “SQL Server Configuration Manager”
    • Navigate to “SQL Server Network Configuration”
    • Make sure “TCP/IP” is enabled

  • The Website looks a bit strange.
    • Make sure to use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.
    • When using IE, ensure the IE Compatibility View is not enabled for the au2mator Site.

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