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Here, we will show you all the details you need to know about PowerShell and au2mator Self-Service Portal.



au2mator Self-Service Portal needs to access the PowerShell File on the Server itself. So please create a folder on the au2mator Server for all PowerShell files you want to use with au2mator.

Of course, you can use Sub Folder without any limitations. To configure the Automation Service, we need one single Folder where everything is stored.

Ensure the au2mator Service User has full access to that Folder and Sub Folders.

See our Install and Upgrade for more Details

Create a PowerShell File for au2mator

Prepare the script. This is an example. The Important Stuff is

  • Input Parameters
  • Your Script
    • That's is your Magic, and it is absolutely up to you
  • Return
    • with the Return function, you can write values back to au2mator, which is shown in the Service Details Job Data

The PowerShell is executed as the Service User. But we highly recommend to not use the Service User for your Automation Steps.

Please use different User for your Automation Steps.

The script below is ready to use at PowerShell Question Type. 

Save the PS1 File.

We have a lot of free Scripts at au2mator GmbH (github.com)

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