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See all properties for the "General" Tab on the Service Details Page for Admins.



This Property is mandatory and must contain a unique Value

Here you can configure the Name of your Service. Make sure to choose a clear Name so your Users can find the Service easily when needed.

This value is used when a User searches for a Service on the "Start a Request" Page.


This Property is mandatory

Enter a Description for your Service so your User immediately can understand what this Service is for.

This value is used when a User searches for a Service on the "Start a Request" Page.

Service Groups

This Property is mandatory

Select a Service Group this Service is a part of. Make sure you created a Service Group before

See our How to create a Service Group for more Details


If the Service is limited to a specific language, please select the Language here. When a Service is limited to a Language, it is only available to a User with that Language.

See our How Language Settings works in au2mator for more Details


Please select an image that fits your Service so it is much easier for your users to find what they want.

Our Customers can download free Images in their Customer Area.

Disabled Service

When you want to hide a Service from your Users, enable that switch so the Service is disabled at the Frontend.

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