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Here you can better understand our Approval Workflow and how to configure it.


Approver Mode

  • No Approver
    • That is our default Value, no Approval is needed, so the Automation is triggered immediately.
  • Single Approver or Deny
    • From the selected Approvers, one decision is needed and allowed. The First decision made decides the next steps if the Automation is triggered or the Request is canceled.
  • Percentage
    • Configure a Percentage Value. this percentage needs to be reached with Approval, then the Automation is triggered.
  • Available Approvers
    • for "Single Approver or Deny" or "Percentage" you have to select Approvers. This can be Users, Groups or the Manager.
    • When the Manager is selected, the Manager from AD is determined and replaced on execution. Manager value is take from "RequestyBy" User

See the "Falback User" Section in General Page, in case we cannot determine the Manager

The availbale Approvers can be limited in the Datasources Settings.

Veto Mode

  • Is Veto Mode
    • when enabled, a single "decline" from a Person is cancelling the Request

Is Globally Accessible

  • Every Request is accessible via a unique URL and only avaiblae to affected Users and Approvers
  • When this switch is activated, all Requests from this Servic can be access without any limitation.

See our How to access a Request with unique URL for more Details

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